Imagine a beautiful 30 acre farm complete with 4 horses, 3 miniature ponies, a farmhouse schoolhouse, and a complete therapy clinic... all to serve children with a variety of special needs. Image no more...We are TherHappy!

TherHappy is a naturalistic therapeutic and educational facility staffed with highly trained clinical and educational professionals.  We have organically grown from a small therapy clinic specializing in Hippotherapy (physical, occupational, and speech therapies provided on horseback by specialy trained clinicians) into a comprehensive farm- based facility and school !

Andrea Clark Everyday Hero

"What if a beast of burdern could be turned into a beauty of hope? That's exactly what this week’s Everyday Hero is doing. Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy has Andrea Clark's story."

"Everyday Hero: Her horse therapy brings joy to autistic children."


Educational Center  & Therapy Facility